Fare thee well Kinnah

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Once upon a time there was a great footballer by the name of Kinnah Phiri. He played a great many games for his beloved country Malawi and help it win a few accolades. He then trekked down to Swaziland to work on his coaching career. After a great many years he returned back home to mentor the young chaps at Bata Bullets or Bakili Bullets or Big Bullets, what ever they are called now. Lets just say BB. He was drafted into the caretaker team coaching the Malawi National Team. At the same time he brokered a deal worth some K60m for BB from an obscure South African company owned by Malawian twins.

Then everything seemed to come tumbling down on him. The K60m deal crumbled under false promises and unfulfilled commitments. The new expatriate coach of the national team booted him out in favour of a chap with much less experience than him. Then he went to the press to whine and moan about being dropped by the expatriate coach like a sulking baby.

Happily for me he was suddenly whisked away by South African premier outfit Free State Stars to mentor the boys there. Oh, am so happy for him! So am I happy to get to hear much less of him! Fare thee well Kinnah!

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  1. Soyapi says:

    I think Kinna Phiri was an excellent football player and is a good coach.

    He performed well as a coach for Swaziland’s national team, Free State something and Big Bullets. I’m not sure about Free State something, but he was never dismissed from all these teams. He resigned for other posts.

    Why should he only fail with Malawi’s national team? Why is it that every time our soccer team fails we blame coaches? Are we sure our players and administrators are perfect and blameless?

    If my memory serves me right, Kinna registered some surprising wins for Malawi during the short period he was in charge as National Coach.

    I was excited to see a South African team recalling a Malawian coaching after sacking a Nigerian coach.

    Good Luck and All the Best, Kinna! You make us proud.

  2. Temwa says:

    dude stop writing or at least do your research this is pathetic journalism.


  3. Well if you could at least point out what it is that was not properly researched, that would help.

    And this is not journalism, DUDE, it’s a blog!

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