EPL/GTV deal stinks

It has slowly and painfully settled in that we will only watch some one or two English premiership games a week from the usual wide selection we used to have in previous seasons.

Some people are happy that the Multichoice/DSTv monopoly has finally been broken. I am one who advocates healthy competition. So yeah, time has finally caught up with DSTv. Lets see how they deal with it. DSTV in Uganda is reported to have reduced their equipment prices.

Others have argued that it is time we watched more of our local leagues or African leagues. I have no problem with that either even though I have a right to choose what I watch whether it be the English, Indian, Jamaican or Nigerian league. My interest in the PSL namely in Kaizer Chiefs, Supersport United, Orlando Pirates and Mamelodo Sundowns has actually been growing. All I need is a Sundowns jersey to replace my old Liverpool one.

However, I sense something very fishy. We hear that GTV made a bid many times more than what Multichoice offered who also turned in a bid some six times more than last season. So the English Premier League (EPL) was carried away with the cash offer? They have flatly denied that. So what is it then?

GTV Failing to Meet Demand

GTV is only operational in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. Others say they are in Burundi, Botswana and/or Mauritius. This means some 42+ countries are being denied coverage of this league. To add insult to injury, GTV Uganda is failing miserably to meet demand. Some 1,000 paid up customers last week could not get the service because the decoders and other accessories had run out.

What should we expect when they eventually come to Malawi? Or when will they eventually come to Malawi should be the question? The GTV website does not state clearly as to when the service will be operational but other web sites have indicated some countries only being connected as late as mid 2008!!

So what really drove EPL to grant majority beaming rights to a company only present in 4 or 5 or 6 African countries out of 48 it is supposed to beam in? Mmmmm, whats that smell?

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