Dumping dead bodies at work places

African society in general and Malawians in particular must be the people with most respect for the dead. They are showered with all sorts of praise once dead and their coffins are given utmost respect. However this respect gets eroded very quickly when you now take his/her body and dump it at workplace in the hope of forcing the organisation involved to provide coffins, transport and other goods or services. And not only is it disrespectful, it is simply wrong! How would those people who do that like to have their dead body lying at the dusty entrance to some factory or placed on the hard boardroom table of some company? Of course they would claim that they would not know but hey guys…!

The employee has to start to realise that in this day and age where people are dying at an accelerated rate (if I can put it that way), not all organisations can afford to transport spouses, children and members of extended families bodies too far away places simply to have people mourn for an hour or two then bury the person. Why can we simply inter bodies right where the person has died? Why take a four month baby and bury it in the village 400km away? Where is the logic? What is the reason? To sleep next to and chat with it’s kinsfolk in the graveyard?

I’ve drifted off the point but the point it give the dead the respect they so rightly deserve!

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