DPP on Joyce Banda’s 100 days

I am not one to listen to much radio but today was an exception. I happened to listen to three different interviews on three different radio stations with three different politicians but all from one political party, the Democratic Progressive Party.

First up was an early Radio Maria interview with Nicholas Dausi who, if I recall correctly, is the new spokesperson for the party. In his usual fashion, Dausi was all emotional screaming down the microphone. For once he was not showing off with any fancy English nor was he quoting Socrates but as usual he was being very economical with the truth. When asked about the first 100 days of Joyce Banda’s presidency he claimed there is nothing positive to point out. All he has seen are dismissals and arrests. He mentioned Matilda Katopola, Alexious Nampota and I think Christoper Ngwira to drive home his point.

Later in the day on Zodiak’s Tiuzeni Zoona programme Peter Mutharika, the party’s interim president, was being interviewed. When it came to the question of the president’s performance his response was that 100 days is too short a period to make a fair assessment. He also stated that his aim is to work with the president for the betterment of the country. How sincere that comment is is subject to debate but he at least sounded it.

Capital Radio’s Straight Talk in the evening had secretary general Wakuda Kamanga as it’s guest. When asked about the performance of government his response was similar to Mutharika’s that 100 days is too short to give a proper assessment but went on to say it’s been a mixed bag. On the negatives he pointed out the Section 65 stalemate and rise of crime – a relatively fair comment (and a debate for another day). Unfortunately the interviewer never really gave Kamanga a chance to state the positives but at least we know he has seen one or more if my understanding of ‘mixed bag’ is correct.

What surprises me is why Dausi was foaming at the mouth spitting fire and brimstone. Which Malawi does he live in? Which patch of sand is his head stuck in? Considering the damage the DPP did to this country is it not somewhat of a miracle the country is actually functioning? With details of plunder by the previous government emerging almost weekly I really wonder how long he will maintain his party’s moral high ground.

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