Didn’t yo mama tell ya…

Last week we heard that Lucius Banda was being sent to Zomba Prison for a couple of months for forgery and uttering a false document. It is interesting to note that on his BBC interview, the reporter chose to ask Lucius about his moving of an impeachment motion. Excuse me, was this case anything to do with the impeachment issue? It is also sad to note that Lucius thinks he has been a victim of a political witch hunt or whatever they call it.

The issue here was forgery. Chete. Osatinso ku khaya aBingu atani. After all didn’t yo mama tell ya to work hard in school??

Enanso ndi aMpasu akutisokosanso zoti pali anthu ena alibenso ma MSCE. Osangowatchula bwanji anthuwo? If you don’t have the facts, spare us the noise!!

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