Creative ways of saying things

The other day at Multichoice I overheard a conversation

Person 1: Hi, what were you coming to do here?
Person 2: The channels on my decoder disappeared so I was coming to sort it out (machannel anathawa)

i.e. he had not paid and was going to settle his bill!

Another one I heard while on a ATM queue

Person 1: Hey you, you are taking long at the ATM. Are you fixing it or what?
Person 2: The ATM is giving problems

i.e. The account is depleted and there is no cash to dispense!

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3 Responses

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    Thanks and have a great day!

  2. Thanks, Austin! I am going to email you right after this!

  3. Tayani Banda says:

    Hhehehehehe wandigiligisha!!

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