China: the new buzz word

On our way to drop our child at school this morning, he asked us (again!) where the plane on the Air Zimbabwe billboard was going to. Fed up of giving the same answer, my wife responded ‘it’s going to China’. The inquisitive little boy then asked ‘kukavina? (is it going to dance in China?)’. Not knowing what to say, my wife and I just looked at each other and laughed.

China is the new buzz word in town. Newspaper articles, commentaries and conversations at the pubs. One person even suggested our schools start teaching Chinese in anticipation of both the ‘influx’ and for our children to know the language so as to assist them on their future trips to the people’s republic.

Talking of the ‘influx’ reports say in the past month the Immigration department has received 400 visa application from China. Whether this figure is exaggerated or not Malawian’s better brace themselves for an influx in both human and non-human form.

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  1. Soyapi says:

    Mwina mwanayo anauzidwa kuti anthu amakavina ku matchaina

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