Some of these ads!

I have just been listening to a radio advert for one of the telecoms operators. In the ad a young man is writing to his uncle in Australia telling him just how cheap it is to make an international call to him. I was left rather baffled by it all. Is it REALLY necessary for …

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The cost of fakes

I have been procrastinating about getting a duplicate key made because I had no desire to get stuck in the traffic going across the Lilongwe bridge. But when puss came to shove I dragged myself for the journey. My first stop was at a hardware shop next to the police mobile force. I walked in …

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Fare thee well Muluzi

So Bakili Muluzi has finally decided to throw in the towel. This can only be a positive decision and I wish him well in his retirement days. He deserves the rest. The task is now for UDF to rise from the ashes and become a force to be reckoned with as it was in days …

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Sometimes it pays to complain

I few months ago I had complained about service at an MTL shop in city centre. Last week I forwarded this complaint to a colleague who works at MTL who escalated it to the relevant authorities. Yesterday I happened to find myself in this shop, not out of choice but rather because I could not …

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Power all day, party all night!

Electricity Supply Corporation of Malawi (Escom) has finally succumbed to public and consumer rights pressure and changed it’s slogan from Power All Day, Every Day to Towards Power All Day, Every Day. A rarity in Malawian corporate history? Can’t really tell being in a society that rarely takes service providers to task for poor service. …

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Inkosi Gomani’s last dance

Inkosi ya Makosi Gomani IV is dead. It was only two days ago that we danced Ngoma together in Bawi. Retired Colonel Alex Kanjedza Gomani became the new Ngoni paramount chief in mid 2008 to replace his father the late Inkosi ya Makosi Gomani III who died in 2006. Rest in peace.

Kanengo lost the plot

He has lived up to his word. President Mutharika has expelled, in his words, four colonialists for working against him and his governments development agenda. Bosses at Limbe Leaf Tobacco Company, Alliance One Limited and Premium TAMA Tobacco have been sent packing for consistently offering lower than agreed prices for tobacco. Opinion is divided on …

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