bank driving me up the wall!!

I have been a faithful customer at National Bank for over a decade now, I think, and I can say that am generally happy with the services am offered there. I take issue with one or two things but thats only natural. Recently I had wanted to get a loan and decided to take it through my bank as usual but my employer would not provide the letter of undertaking because she thought I better take it through another bank my employer has an account with. After much resistance I went to get the loan there and within a few minutes I had the cash in hand but this was after I had to open an account. Fair deal!

Soon after opening the account, I was quickly approached by some lady in the banking hall (not sure what her title should be) who had me sign ATM card forms. No problem, I love ATM cards. I was told the card would be ready in two weeks time. They promptly deducted K500 from my account for the card. I checked after 2 weeks, no card, after another 2 weeks, no card. Apparently the machine had broken down since the 1st of January. After 3 weeks still no card. After another 2-3 weeks, I finally found the cards had come but it could not be given to me because they had just arrived and they needed to check my picture, my name and account number to make sure they correspond! Fine, then check those details while am here! nope, I was told to come back the next day. From past experience, I didn’t go the next day – maybe the machine that verifies those details also went down on the 1st of February, you never know. I went a week later and was promptly given my card in some poxy plastic pouch to which i was told they would deduct K100 from my account for it. I told them to keep the pouch, i’d put the card in my wallet to which the lady responded it will break because other people’s cards have been breaking. So I told her it’s the card quality then because I have had numerous cards from National Bank, Commercial Bank, my driving license and other cards in my wallet for years and they have never snapped or broken. She quickly said that if I don’t sit properly at the pub it could break! (And how does this person know I go to pubs to drink? She’s a witch! Burn her!). I told her I don’t need her pouch to which she said she would just give it to me! (please give one each to everyone else on the line behind me too). She then directed me to get my pin from another desk where the woman there could not find my pin! At this point I was starting to pull my hair out. When the young lady can in to intervene, she promptly found my pin, handled it over to and said the card will only start working the next day!!! Sure, I’ve waited for three months, another day can’t be that bad!!!!

Be on the lookout for such banks, they will drive you nuts!!

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  1. John says:

    But at least they are conveniently located (in City Centre).

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