The Tyranny of Hoaxes

They used to come in through email but now they have taken over Whatsapp. On days they come in thick and fast. Some are new, others are old and reworded. Some could be believable, others are just outright outrageous.

But they keep coming.

Some people are so gullible they think the world would judge them harshly if they didn’t take it upon themselves to constantly bombard their contacts with them.

Yet hoaxes are so easy to bust. Most contain nothing but unclear messages of doom and gloom. The pictures and imagery are usually so unreal. They almost always contain no specifics of why something is so dangerous. They never provide a link to the source of the dreadful event that poisoned or maimed or killed so many people. Yet we are urged to forward these unfounded stories to everyone in our contacts list.

When will we end this tyranny?