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Malawi Wokongola

A pictorial of random sights from Nsanje to Dowa and Ntcheu to the lake of stars, Lake Malawi. Malawi Wokongola – Beautiful Malawi!

Ngoni Festival or Ngoma

Yesterday I had the pleasure of attending Ngoma in Bawi. It’s a traditional Ngoni Festival held once every two years and features traditional ngoni dances from Ntcheu, Dedza, Mzimba and...

A night in the Namib Desert

I was recently in Windhoek, Namibia to attend an Africa Partner Network meeting of the Television for the Environment of which I am a partner. At the end of our...

Nsima, Chambo, Beans and veggies

Malawi Night

Am one person who would love to see tourism take root in Malawi sometime soon. There has been a lot of talk but not much action, all thing considering that...